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A great option for all day comfort and protection


Filters Blue-violet Light

KODAK UVBlue Lens filters Blue-violet light for a more relaxed all day visual experience reducing the some of the extremes of the visible spectrum for balance and extended comfort.

High Energy Visible light is everywhere

  • Daylight

    As sunlight is not filtered by the upper atmosphere, it contains a high proportion of blue-violet light.

  • LED Backlit LCD

    LED is a common light source for back lighting the LCD screens of modern devices, and they usually emit blue-violet light in shorter wavelengths

  • Fluorescent

    ‘Daylight’ fluorescent bulbs offer strong white light but emit high levels of blue-violet light.


Protection from 100% of Damaging UV Light

UV rays from the sun can be extremely harmful as they have a direct and cumulative impact on eye health and can cause eye conditions such as cataracts and certain cancers. KODAK UVBlue Lens filters out 100% of UV light at 400nm, reducing exposure to these harmful UV rays

Who Is It For?

Active wearers who are constantly on the go!

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